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The AZCO crane arrives at the light station on the morning of April 22, 2002.  The scaffolding is in place for the workers and the tower components are being uncrated.

Tower components being uncrated
The crane operator starts lifting the first component of the tower
The lift begins!
Up and over the scaffolding, where the craftsmen from Luxembourg await!
The bottom section is carefully lowered into place...
It fits like a glove!  Once in place, the tower bottom is bolted to the existing posts in the light station attic.
The next component, the two-piece walkway, is assembled prior to being lifted.  Railings between the two sections are attached...
...and the copper deck material is carefully joined.
Up it goes!
The platform being lifted.  Balance was perfect, the unit lifted beautifully using two straps. 
The workers get ready to guide the platform to its final position.
The platform clears the scaffolding.
The carpenters rotate the platform into position.
Lining up the platform with the lower box.  This was a tight fit due to the precision craftsmanship, performed in Luxembourg.
The walkway platform settles perfectly into place!

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